Related Adoptions
Agency Adoptions
Unrelated Non-Agency Adoptions
Adult Adoptions

What is an Annulment

Auto Accidents
Stop your car
Give aid to the injured
Call the police
The law requires information
Obtain protective information
See your doctor
File accident reports
Your rights
The law requires insurance

Bankruptcy for Individuals
Bankruptcy for Individuals
More than one kind of bankruptcy?
What can I keep in a Chapter 7?
What debts are not discharged?
What happens in a Chapter 13?
Bankruptcy affect my credit or job?
If I own a home, will I lose it?

Buying a Home
The Offer to Purchase
Title Documents

Estate Planning
Probate Administration
Joint Tenancy
Powers of Attorney for Health
Power of Attorney for Property
Living Wills
Payable on Death

Family Law
Legal Separation
Illinois Child Support Guidelines
Parenting Plan
Permission to Leave Illinois
Order of Parentage (paternity)
Request for College Expenses
Orders of Protection
Grandparents’ Rights

 How a Lawyer Computes Fees
What will happen during my first visit with my lawyer?
How does a lawyer set fees?
What are hourly charges?
What is a contingent fee?

How to work with your lawyer
Be honest and up-front
Your information is privileged and protected
Be available and easy for your lawyer to contact
Keep your lawyer informed
Follow all instructions carefully
Be reasonable about what your lawyer can and cannot do
Your lawyer must also be reasonable

Type of Leases
Termination of the Lease
Termination for breach
Service of demand notice
Sublease or assignment
Remedies of a tenant
Breach by the tenant
Lease provisions
Security deposits

Legal Separation
What is the difference between a divorce and a legal separation?

Power of Attorney
Why have a power of attorney
Power of attorney for property
What Decisions can an Agent kake on the Principal’s behalf?
Power of attorney for health care
Why have a POA when guardianship is available?

Your Rights if Arrested
Who can make an arrest?
Citizen’s arrest
What not to do if arrested
Your rights after arrest
Obtaining release on bail
Your rights in court



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