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Mid America Law Offices, Ltd.

In 1978, Ray Choudhry opened his doors to the public to serve clients in a variety legal matter such as bankruptcy, divorce, probate, wills, bill collection, and real estate transactions.

Ray recieved his J.D. at Northwestern University in 1974 and M.B.A. at Northwestern University in 1972 with a B.A. at California State, L.A. in 1968. He is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and Rock Island County Bar Association.

Contact us today for a Legal Consultation


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Adult Adoptions

Auto Accidents

Stop your car

Give aid to the injured

Call the police

The law requires information

Obtain protective information

See your doctor

File accident reports


Your rights


The law requires insurance

Bankruptcy for Individuals

More than one kind of bankruptcy?

What can I keep in a Chapter 7?

What debts are not discharged?

What happens in a Chapter 13?

Bankruptcy affect my credit or job?

If I own a home, will I lose it?

Buying a Home

The Offer to Purchase



Title Documents

Buying on Time

Credit Cards

The Security Agreement

Rights of Seller upon Default

Defective Goods

Merchandise sold "as is"

Door-to-Door Sales

Limits on Finance Charges

Estate Planning and Living Wills


Probate Administration

Joint Tenancy


Powers of Attorney for Health

Power of Attorney for Property

Living Wills

Payable on Death

Family Law

Dissolution of Marriage

Legal Separation


Illinois Child Support Guidelines

Custody and Visitation

Permission to Leave Illinois

Order of Parentage (paternity)

Request for College Expenses

Orders of Protection

Restricted Visitation

Grandparents' Rights


Type of Leases

Termination of the Lease

Termination for Breach

Service of Demand Notice

Sublease or Assignment

Remedies of a Tenant

Breach by the Tenant

Lease Provisions

Security Deposits

Know Your Lawyer

Who can practice law?

When do I need a lawyer?

How do you select a lawyer?

How do lawyers set fees?

Your Rights if Arrested

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Citizen's arrest

What not to do if arrested

Your rights after arrest

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