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Representing Tenants in Unlawful Detainer Actions in San Francisco 2015

Advocacy for Low-Income Children with Disabilities in California 2015

Advocating for Veterans: The Basics on VA Benefits, Discharge Upgrades and Veteran Cultural Competency 2015

Prop 47: The Lawyer’s Role in Implementing California’s Landmark Criminal Justice Reform Initiative

Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors and Children in California: Pro Bono Representation in Low-Income Domestic Violence Restraining Order Cases 2015

Providing Legal Assistance in the Aftermath of Disaster 2015

New York Housing Law for the Low-Income Client 2015

Reentry in California – Overcoming Legal Barriers to Community Reintegration 2015

Representing the Pro Bono Client: Advocacy Skills for Administrative Hearings 2015

Representing the Pro Bono Client: Consumer Law Basics 2015

Representing the Pro Bono Client: Effective Written Advocacy 2015

Representing Clients with Mental Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors 2015

Working with Immigrants: The Intersection of Basic Immigration, Housing, and Domestic Violence Issues in California 2015

Advocates’ Guide for Protecting Tenants’ Rights: Advanced Unlawful Detainer Defense 

Bankruptcy Basics for Low-Income Clients 2015

The Art & Science of Interviewing Pro Bono Clients 2015

Social Security Disability 2016: From Administrative Proceedings to Federal Practice

Supervised Release: Implementing a New Pretrial Supervision Model in New York City

Diversity & Inclusion in Law Practice 2016

Pro Bono Litigation Skills 2016

Addressing Domestic Violence Across Practice Areas 2016

Ethical Issues in Pro Bono Representation 2015