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A Professional Lawyer is a Healthy Lawyer – 1 hour mental health
The Jaded Lawyer – 1 hour mental health


A Free Tool for any Case-Mediation at the Center of Conflict Resolution (CCR)
Adjustment Status 101
Administrative Review Actions
Allocation Judgments
Assylum Law Demystified
Assylum: Particular Social Groups
Bankruptcy Part 1 – Analyzing the Case and Advising your Client
Bankruptcy Part 2 – Preparing the Bankruptcy Filing
Bankruptcy Part 3 – From Filing to Discharge
Child Representative Training
Complex Issues with U Visas
Conflicts: Not Just During a Family Thanksgiving
Consular Processing Overview and Recent Developments
Cook County Property Taxes
Decedent’s Estate Training/PCAP
Foreclosure and Probate
General Foreclosure Defense
General Foreclosure Loss Mitigation Overview
Guardianship Planning for Immigrant Families
How to Handle a Workers’ Compensation Case
How to Represent a Detained Immigration Client in a Bond Hearing
Human Trafficking and Children: What Lawyers need to know
I-751 Immigration Petitions Removing Conditions of Residence
Inexpensive Ways to Preserve a Digital Footprint for Litigation
Inventories and Accounts for Minors and Disabled Persons
Loan Modifications
Medicaid Planning Basics
Not Your Grandma’s Medicaid: Apply for Medicaid
Nuts and Bolts of Decedent’s Estates
Overview of Immigration Law Part 1
Overview of Immigration Law Part 2
Post I-601A: Helping Your Clients Navigate Consular Processing to Become Residents
Preparing 2019 Income Taxes
Preparing Hardship Cases
Real Estate Closings
Real Property Transfers from Guardianship and Decedent Estates in Cook County, Illinois
Reverse Mortgage Litigation
Reverse Mortgages
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status: Virtual Pro Bono Clinic
Spotting Inadmissibility Issues in Immigration Cases
Subsidized Housing Issues
UVisa and Latest Trends
VAWA and Immigration: The Basics
Zoom in the Time of Covid-19