Free Illinois CLE


Client Communication Issues 1.0
Conflicts of Interest: Loyalty and Independent Judgment 1.0
Diversity & Inclusion: A Blueprint for 2017 and Beyond 1.0
Fees and Billing 1.0
How to Maintain a Trustworthy Client Trust Account: The Accounting Requirements 0.5
Illinois Developments in Lawyer Regulation (2017) (Part 1) 1.0
National Developments in Lawyer Regulation (2017) (Part 2) 1.0
Recent Changes to the Rules Governing Lawyers in Illinois (2016)0.5
Succession Planning: Contingency Planning for Sole Practitioners 0.5
Succession Planning: Preparing Your Firm for a Smooth Transition 1.0
The Ethical Requirements of Handling Trust Funds under Rule 1.15


Adjustment of Status 101 1.0
Administration of Small, Uncontested, Decedent Estates In Cook County, Illinois 1.0
Administrative Review Actions 1.0
Bankruptcy Part 1 – Analyzing the Case and Advising Your Client 1.0
Bankruptcy Part 2 – Preparing the Bankruptcy Filing 1.25
Bankruptcy Part 3 – From Filing to Discharge 1.25
Consular Processing Overview and Recent Developments 1.0
Debt Issues Facing Legal Aid Clients 1.0
Ethics and Social Media 1.0
Eviction Series – (Part One) Eviction Basics 1.0
Eviction Series – (Part Two) 1.0
Eviction Series – (Part Three) 1.0
GAL for Minors | Trauma Informed and Motivational Interview 1.0
General Foreclosure Defense 2.25
Guardianship Planning for Immigrant Families 0.5
How to Represent a Detained Immigration Client in a Bond Hearing 1.25
I-751 Immigration Petitions: Removing Conditions of Residence 0.75
Loan Modifications 1.5
Not Your Grandma’s Medicaid: Applying for Medicaid 1.0
Overview of Immigration Law Part 1 1.5
Overview of Immigration Law Part 2 1.5
Preparing Hardship Cases 1.0
Real Property Transfers From Guardianship and Decedent Estates In Cook County, Illinois 1.0
Reverse Mortgage Litigation 1.5
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status Predicate Orders 1.5
Spotting Inadmissibility Issues in Immigration Cases 1.25
U Visa and the Latest Trends 0.75
VAWA and Immigration: The Basics 1.0